Programs and housing models


Housing For Life

At Helpful Housing, we developed our Housing For Life program model as a response the housing needs of people experiencing homelessness, and living with the highest barriers to acceptance into quality housing. 

Housing For Life was established on the belief that a safe, welcoming, and caring home is essential to the process of healing and growth, and should be accessible to people with the highest needs.

The Housing For Life program has resulted in hundreds of individuals and families being successfully housed over the past 5 years through collaborations with local and national subsidy programs, such as Breaking Barriers, Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool, Office of Diversion & Re-entry, the Housing & Jobs collaborative, and Rapid Re-housing, among others.

It is through this commitment to collaboration and innovation, that the  Housing For Life program has achieved, and continues to exceed in finding success for the people experiencing homelessness in the community.


Supportive-Housing & Services

In addition to allowing Helpful Housing to open more doors to the highly vulnerable, the Housing For Life Program also connects housed residents to supportive, and life-enrichment, services. This helps us to  better address the specific needs of each household. These services range from employment assistance, childcare, food resources, financial literacy , education, and medical care. 


Shared Housing Program

Helpful Housing's Shared Housing Program was designed to lower the barriers for property owners to participate in subsidized housing programs, as well as limits the need for a extensive infrastructure and experience in the day-to-day operations of a homeless services organization.