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Helpful Housing is a Housing First model nonprofit organization, with a focus on low-income & Permanent Supportive Housing, and founded on the principal that all people deserve a quality place to call home, and that housing is the cornerstone of healing.

Since 2010, Helpful Housing has provided beautifully designed apartments in the Long Beach area with a dedication to housing families and individuals in the community. To date, Helpful Housing has housed over 10,000 men, women, and children by working collaboratively with our local and national organizations and housing programs. 


Philosophy and Innovation

At Helpful Housing we didn't just stop  at Housing-First, we developed strategic partnerships with community-based homeless services organizations, and worked to developed a better understanding of their clientele's  specific needs, and what "home" meant to them and their families. Through this effort, philosophy of giving, caring, and overcoming adversity, we understand everyone's unique needs and situations, allowing us to work with our partners to develop a strategy for housing placement that would best serve the household.  


Beautifully Designed Sustainable Housing

 At Helpful Housing ,we are proud to offer individuals and families the highest quality housing, to ensure the highest standard of living and growing. Over the past 10 years we have developed, remodeled, and delivered beautiful and professionally managed Apartments throughout the Long Beach area. Helpful Housing has a five-year vision of expanding  its services with this same standard of high-quality housing throughout the Los Angeles County service planning areas. 

Program Partnerships

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 If you are a case manager, or social services representative interested in learning more about Helpful Housing's Housing for Life program, we would love to hear from you 



Over the past 10 years, Helpful Housing has worked collaboratively with local and nationally recognized housing and homeless services organizations, and it is through these partnerships, that Helpful Housing has successfully accomplished over 10,000 housing episodes for individuals and families in the community